Welcome to NCSPA!

My name is Andy Miller, and I am the president of the North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance (NCSPA). We are an organization that wants to serve your law enforcement interests. We have a proven track record of leadership in law enforcement organizations. Our leaders are former leaders of other law enforcement organizations. I am the former president of the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association. Ten years ago we banded together to form a more responsive organization. We wanted to build an organization focused on the members and their needs, not the bottom dollar. We have clearly succeeded in our efforts ten years later.

The North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance is a local organization. It is not controlled by interests outside the state of North Carolina. We will continue to do some things similarly to other membership-based law enforcement organizations but with a greater sense of urgency as your membership with the NCSPA is so deserving, but for the most part, we are going to focus on local issues here in the state of North Carolina from the coast to the mountains. These are the very issues that affect your quality of life, career and family no matter which agency you work for.

We understand the issues facing law enforcement today. We know that this is a dangerous time for all working in law enforcement. We are aware of sentiment concerning law enforcement held by some politicians. We watch the media berate law enforcement every day. We are concerned for your safety as a law enforcement officer 7 days per week and 24 hours each day. That’s why we guarantee our members an attorney on scene of any critical incident within the hour of our member’s critical incident. If you are a sworn law enforcement officer working in an on duty or off duty capacity we stand ready to protect you. Your assigned attorney puts your interests first. In this day and age that makes all the difference.

We also will refer you to an attorney for personal related matters at a discounted rate. We will represent your interest by lobbying for favorable laws. We will answer your calls personally, no answering service or machine to monitor your calls. In a critical incident you will need to speak with someone who can reassure you that your attorney is on the way.