Why Join/Who We Serve

Why Join? We Stand With and For Law Enforcement

The North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance began in Durham NC in 2007 and is dedicated to promoting and defending the interests of law enforcement officers throughout North Carolina.

    • Attorney Representation in all civil or criminal lawsuits arising out of your duties as a law enforcement officer.
    • Attorney Representation at shooting scenes and other critical incidents day or night.
    • Attorney Representation in unfair disciplinary actions taken against you the member!
    • Veteran representation at the North Carolina legislature
    • Pension and financial counseling.
    • Payroll deduction $15 per month for agencies providing it, $50 quarterly or $150 per year. Online Payments accepted through our website.
    • Networking for officers seeking employment with other Law enforcement agencies.
    • 100% of dues and or contributions stay in North Carolina to benefit law enforcement officer programs here at home. No money out of state.
    • Reduced fees for personal attorney’s for personal and private matters based on referral of the NC Sheriff Police Alliance.
    • Free Wills for members utilizing inhouse attorney(s).
    • College Preferred Programs for Members Children
    • Access to $200,000 Death and Injury Benefits based at reduced premiums costs
    • Firearm Replacement (up to $400 if as a law enforcement officer your primary personal firearm has been stolen) You written claim will be the police report provided by you to the to the NC Sheriff Police Alliance.
    • No Board Voted Needed for you representation.

Law Enforcement Communities We Serve

Although we are eager to enhance our relationship to the law enforcement community nationwide in terms of feedback and moral support, actual physical membership in our organization is focused on law enforcement officers in the state of North Carolina.  Initially 2007 we were comprised of officers in Durham County. Over the last ten (10) years we have grown to represent officers from all over the state of North Carolina. In the past 10 years our reach has grown immensely as well as our membership. Our attorney list represents every one of the 100 counties in North Carolina.  We have assisted our members in traffic incidents, Officer related shootings, and Employment related issues, representation at the Training and Standards hearings with the assigned attorneys. You can be rest assured we are only 1 phone call away toward your protection in a crisis situation. Our attorneys respond to the scene of the incident crisis.

Membership Application

To apply to become a member on the NC Sheriff Police Alliance, click here.