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The leaders of the Alliance have a track record in getting things done. NCPSA President Andy Miller has been in the forefront for issues facing law enforcement officers each and every day not only throughout the state but also in his own backyard in Durham. Andy has placed his advancement on hold on numerous occasions because he believed in his fellow officers right to be heard. Although he has been told on numerous occasions that his lobby for better benefits and a right to fairness for city employees of Durham Police Department has shot down his future advancement he has continued to be an advocate of the rank and file. His commitment to professionalism in law enforcement has not wavered.

He along with Rickey Padgett drafted and lobbied for the local retirement bill just for Durham city and county law enforcement. This was done with numerous hours and discussions with the late Senator Jeannie Lucas. Jeannie submitted the bill with the urging of the now NCSPA leaders. As the state 25-year retirement bill began to unravel the local Durham option retirement bill has remained intact. It seems that the political leaders of the senate began to backpedal on a 25-year retirement at the state level when the League of Municipalities and the County Commissioners Association applied the pressure of politics. Other law enforcement organizations were also back peddling due to some behind the scenes pork barrel politics. Unfortunately the Bill proposed by law enforcement was dead in the water before it even cranked up!

Your leaders of the NCSPA lead the effort to bring to light the backroom politics and deals going on by other law enforcement organizations who like to talk the talk but never seem to walk the walk for the membership they claim to represent.Senator Snow’s honest effort to get the statewide law enforcement retirement off the ground was met with ugly backroom politics that many did not want to deal with.

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